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Virtual Training Coordinator and Business Assistant

For HR professionals, training centres,  ELT and language specialists and freelance coaches in the UK and France. 

Hello, I'm Julie

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I help small businesses and freelancers focus on their business and save time by managing all those time-consuming administrative tasks that they don't want to do, can't do or don't have time for. 


I can help you add those extra hours that you need to your day.  ​As a virtual administration assistant, I specialise in training coordination and instructional design, helping ELT professionals and independent and small training organisations with their learning management systems. 


I am CELTA qualified and have over 10 years of experience teaching English and also managing language training in France and I have experience with the requirements for French professional training systems and financing bodies. I am no stranger to Qualiopi, OPCOs or EDOF. 


I am native English and having lived in France since 2009 I speak and write French fluently.  

My expertise

Office Work

Administrative Support

Stack of Files

Professional Training in France

Adult Education Course

Professional Training and Adult Learning Support

Computer Learning

LMS Management


Student Onboarding and Coordination

Children at School

ELT Instructional Design

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Language Training Provider

HR Professional

SME and Freelancers

New ESL Teacher in France

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