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Examples of how I can help new ESL teachers in France:

How to work as a freelance teacher in France

Advice on how to install, what you need to know, how to look for work as a teacher and what to expect realistically. 

Obtaining your NDA and completing your BPF

I will not do this for you, but I can guide you through the process and what you need to do, check your paperwork before you send it and advise you on the processes you should follow after. 

How to organise yourself as a freelancer.

If you are not feeling very confident on how to manage your time, systems, clients, and your lesson planning. 

1:1 Teacher Training

Do you need help managing a class, with ideas for materials, where to find materials and what to use for certain classes or individuals, how to teach one:one lessons, advise on which platforms to use and which ones you should pay for, how to save money on subscriptions and course books, avoiding photocopies and using platforms like Google Classroom or padlet.  

Marketing Assistance

Creating, editing and posting on social media for higher engagement and increased visibility. 

Business advice and support

You would like to develop your career and start a language centre but you don't know what it involves or what steps to take first.

This list is non-exhaustive, contact me if you have other tasks you need help with. 
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