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Examples of services and tasks I support
language training organisations with:

Needs Analysis in English or French

Conduct a 10-20 minute interview per candidate to check their needs analysis, create an individual programme and find a compatible trainer for their needs; or combine students of the same level for group training. 

Create unique programmes based on individual needs

Creation of English learning programmes based on the specific needs of the students, and the knowledge and resources of the teacher. Sourcing suitable materials and adapting coursebooks. 

Manage your training administration

Follow-up of students, tracking attendance, evaluations, all administration needed for the client and any financing organisations (Qualiopi, OPCO's for French organisations), updating EDOF and adhering to all Qualiopi criteria (for French organisations). Digitalisation of contract signing, presence sheets.

Instructional Design and LMS

Digitalisation of course material, uploading it to your LMS platform (Moodle, Google Classroom,  Padlet, Teams etc). Creating interesting and interactive documents and quizzes (Kahoot, Quizlet) that can be used by all your trainers. Organisation of all learning resources so that they can be easily referred to and create lesson plans from you 

Training, attendance and absence tracking. 

Follow up on students progress and teachers scheduling. Track lesson attendance and absences over a weekly or monthly basis, follow-up on satisfaction.  

Lesson Scheduling and course coordination

Create new courses and coordinate inscriptions and participants, timetable scheduling.

Social Media and Marketing Assistance

Creating, editing and posting on social media for higher engagement and increased visibility. 

Business advice and support

Suggestions of system improvements, managing your trainers, researching new and innovative pedagogical methods, helping you develop your business and client base. 

This list is non-exhaustive, if you have anything else you need help with, contact me. 
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