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Examples of SME and freelancer tasks
you can outsource:

Administrative Assistance

You spend too much time on general administrative tasks that you don't want to do : invoicing, timetracking, editing of social media posts, editing and updating platforms, editing templates and documents

Organisation of your systems

Your documents are all over the place and you spend too long looking for things that you need. You don't know which software to work with or what is best for your business.

Translating, Proofreading and editing

You need to write or proofread and edit texts in English : social media posts, emails to English and French contacts, contracts etc.

LMS & CRM Management

You need to update or manage your training management systems (LMS) or customer management systems (CRM)

Marketing Assistance

You need help managing your website, creating social media posts, editing youtube videos and managing online live streams or webinars, creating graphics using Canva or newsletter creation. 

Diary Management and Travel Scheduling

You travel a lot but you want to save time scheduling or planning your trips. 

This list is non-exhaustive, if there is anything else you want help with, contact me to see if I can help. 
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