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More About Me

I am from East Yorkshire in England. I fell in love with France during a school trip back in my school days which encouraged me to study languages at university.  After my studies at University of Leicester I moved to Bordeaux to be a language teaching assistant. That was back in 2007. I have since gained a lot of administrative experience as an employee in customer services, logistics, customer and content management for online vacation services and most importantly office management for a well-established language school in Paris, my first introduction to the professional training sector.  ​ I started working as a freelancer after I moved away from Paris to Belfort in 2012.  I have taught English in companies, with individuals, in private schools and higher education institutes, often as a sub-contractor but also developing my own business. My passion remains in the coordination of courses and the management of training programmes which is why I decided to teach less and focus on these aspects. I wanted to share the expertise and knowledge I have developed from running my own business, (and preparing for the qualiopi audit in France) and use it help other business owners with the tasks they don't particularly enjoy doing, but that I do, helping them focus on the other things that they enjoy doing (teaching, coaching, material writing etc).   ​

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